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Using Integrated Employment Negotiations to Achieve Long-Term Employment Relationships

This 10-page research report written for employers and potential employees features strategies for successful employment negotiations. By using techniques such as integrating negotiations into the interview process, more effective employment relationships can be formed. Long-term success in the negotiation process can be achieved for both employers and employees alike by focusing on the key elements […]

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Methods for Hiring Top Talent

We help our clients find not the “best available” candidate, but the “best” candidate for their executive roles and company culture. This process involves a tremendous amount of networking and candidate development to produce a portfolio of excellent candidates. Our goal is to develop the most highly qualified and appropriate candidates for our clients in […]

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  • Feb-2018-

    Jackowitz & Company has recently recruited a Head of Technology and Operations for one of the largest Fintech/Payment companies in the country.

  • Dec-2017-

    Jackowitz & Company has announced the successful recruitment of a Senior Financial Writer, focused on Fixed Income, for a leading investment management company.

  • Oct-2017-

    JCo. has successfully recruited a Head of Accounting Policy for a large, diversified financial services company.

  • Aug-2017-

    JCo. announces the recruitment of a Chief Compliance Officer for a mutual fund family owned by a large, well-regarded diversified financial services firm.

  • Jul-2017-

    Jackowitz & Company has recruited multiple senior Internal Sales executives to a large and well respected investment management firm.

  • Feb-2017-

    JCo. has recently recruited a Vice President, Compliance Registration for a well-known financial services company.

  • Jan-2017-

    New search: Mutual Fund Chief Compliance Officer for a Fortune 250 global financial services company based in New York City.  Any referrals are appreciated.

  • Dec-2016-

    Jackowitz & Company has successfully recruited several Internal Sales Consultants in the build out of a new team within a leading global investment management firm.

  • Nov-2016-

    JCo. has been retained to recruit a Vice President of Compliance Registration for a large, diversified financial services firm.

  • Oct-2016-

    JCo. Senior Vice President Tom Valle recently spoke at Clark University on the topic of Employment Negotiations..

  • Aug-2016-

    Jackowitz & Company has been retained to recruit a Chief Conflicts of Interest Officer for an industry- leading brokerage and asset management organization.

  • May-2016-

    JCo. announces the successful recruitment of a Chief Financial Officer for a leading banking institution in the Greater Boston area..

  • Apr-2016-

    JCo. is pleased to announce the recruitment of a Senior Internal Sales Leader for a leading Investment Management firm.

  • Mar-2016-

    JCo. has successfully recruited a VP, Sales & Business Development for an entrepreneurial company providing software and content to the healthcare market.

  • Feb-2016-

    JCo. announces the successful recruitment of senior executive to lead an Inside Sales and Service organization for a leading Retirement Plan provider.